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Why you should buy a Tesla for $80,000 (up to $80k)

Tesla Motors is a global leader in electric vehicles.

The company, founded in 2005, is valued at more than $5.5 trillion.

But that doesn’t mean the electric car maker isn’t under pressure to meet demand.

The electric train set, for instance, is on its way out.

Tesla is already outselling the average car maker.

But Tesla has struggled to keep pace.

Tesla has a market cap of more than two billion dollars, and analysts believe that the company could hit $4 billion by 2020, according to Morgan Stanley.

Tesla also faces competition from Chinese electric trains, which have lower fuel efficiency.

And Tesla’s stock price has fallen more than 25 percent since the start of the year.

But there’s a big difference between Tesla’s struggle to keep up with demand and the stock market, according for the analysts.

Tesla currently has a stock price of $8,500, down $10,000 from the start and down 10.6 percent since mid-December.

The analysts believe the Tesla stock price could hit a new low in 2018, when the company plans to start selling the Model 3, the Model X, and the Model Y, the company’s first electric vehicles, according Bloomberg.

Tesla’s shares have dropped from a high of $115,000 in 2016, but then recovered to $110,500 in 2017 and then $108,000 on December 6.

Tesla shares are down more than 15 percent since their high in 2016.

But the analysts believe Tesla’s long-term outlook is bright.

They say the company is a big enough player that its shares can be bought and sold and that the stock price will be driven by demand, not the share price.

Tesla stock is also outperforming the average U.S. company.

Tesla had an annual revenue of $9 billion for the fiscal year that ended in March, according the company.

The average U,S.

automaker generated revenue of just $2.8 billion.

Tesla will report its third-quarter earnings on March 21.