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Why the Manchester United players look so good after injury

Manchester United have been forced to change the way they look after their injured players, with the squad now being photographed wearing trainers instead of full pads.

In the past, when a player needed a rest, he was left to wear a pair of shorts or a shirt.

But after the injury to Romelu Lukaku last week, the United players had to change their approach.

They are now photographed wearing pads, which the club have confirmed will be worn in training sessions.

A team statement said: “Players are asked to wear their normal protective gear during training.

We will continue to monitor Romelus progress, but it is important that everyone is comfortable in the dressing room.”

The players have been given gloves and face masks and are now allowed to wear shirts as long as they do not cover their face.

However, they will not be able to wear trainers in the locker room, or even on the pitch, with only the head and arms visible to the cameras.

Manchester United are facing a long and difficult season, which will begin with the Manchester derby against Manchester City on Monday.

The players are due to leave on Tuesday and will return to training on Wednesday.