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Why the Army is no longer ‘training’ soldiers

The Army is now no longer training soldiers in combat tactics, tactics and techniques, or other tactics and tactics-related skills, a senior officer told NDTV.

Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat, in a written reply to a query by the news channel, said the army has not taken on any new projects, nor will it, as a result of the ongoing budgetary crisis.

“The Army has not decided on any of these projects as of now,” he said.

“All initiatives will be reviewed in a phased manner and if necessary, discontinued.

However, the Army has undertaken several initiatives in combat, special forces and intelligence-related fields, and they are progressing well.

It is also a very important element of the Army to develop the Army, train and advise personnel.”

The Army is in the process of reorganising and modernising its units, he said, adding that the army will have a dedicated force structure and that its strength is increasing by the day.

Army is no more training soldiers to become “combat soldiers”The defence ministry said the military has not started any new initiatives.

The Army has also not taken any new programmes as of today.

The government is spending over Rs1,200 crore to build new military bases in the country and the Army was also recently given permission to deploy additional troops in the Northeast to protect the border.