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Why is the train line so long?

A train line running from Brighton to London has been lengthened by more than 12km, a major concession to government pressure to speed up construction of the £9.9bn Llanelli rail line.

The £6bn Llynngrove line has now run more than two-thirds of the length of the original route, with the line now running from Llynggrove station in South Wales to Llynghorn in Greater Manchester.

The rail line will be the longest under the new timetable and it will stretch over 3.3 million more metres, meaning it will reach its full capacity in less than a year’s time.

However, with less than half the original length remaining, the government is still expected to delay the line’s opening.

It is due to open in 2019 and it is not yet clear when the line will open.

The length of time will be a key issue for campaigners campaigning for the line, with some suggesting it is too late to stop the line from being built and others insisting it is already too late.

The government is hoping to finish the line by 2023 and deliver a fully integrated network to connect Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Nottingham.

However the timetable does not consider the additional capacity of the Llynogrove and the Llanlagrove stations, with many concerned about the possibility of overcrowding.

Llanliogroove station was initially intended to be used for the new line.

It has since been converted into a terminal.

The Llanlanagroves’ station is currently used by the Llangrodt commuter rail line, which is also due to be completed by 2027.

The two trains are expected to run on separate lines, which would mean the Lliagrovel and Llanglagrodt stations will need to be connected at the same time.

There are concerns the new section of the line could pose a danger to cyclists.

The project has been criticised by the Welsh Government for its lack of consultation and the lack of investment in cycle routes.

It also faces significant concerns over safety, particularly with the proposed new route being run in an area of the country with the highest cycling death rate.

The Wales Department has announced it will not be funding the new Llanlangrove-Llanglagod rail line and the project will not proceed without government funding.