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Why did you go to the Monster Train?

A man says he went to the monster train because he couldn’t get enough of it, and the man behind the popular attraction in Florida is defending it.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that a man who went to a train show at Disney World and then went to Monster Island has since found himself under fire after he claimed the train caused him to fall.

The man said he was there to see a man he didn’t know and he wanted to see some animals.

He went to get a ride on a ride with some friends.

The train was packed with people on the way.

He said he went down on a spot to get some food and then came back to get the ride.

He thought he had fallen off and hit the floor, but a man on the train told him he was fine.

The man told ABC News he has no idea what caused the fall, but is glad he was on the ride with his friends.

The station, which is a popular attraction at the park, is one of the largest in the world.

It seats 1,000 people and includes the Monster and the Giant Train.

The train had been closed since October for repairs, but Disney officials say the issue is with the safety system, not the ride itself.

The ride was not supposed to open for a week, and Disney said they will have a replacement train ready by the end of November.

The company said they are working with state officials to determine how the safety issue could have happened.