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Which train will be most likely to take you to the next station?

Trainers are being asked to predict the train that will take you where you want to go on the journey.

A train has been the subject of intense speculation since a driver who was allegedly drunk on holiday in France in 2015 died after an apparent crash, with many claiming that it was caused by a defective train control panel.

In 2017, it emerged that the train had been fitted with an alarm system designed to prevent accidents.

Now, a team of train-driver experts are investigating whether a faulty control panel may have caused the incident.

As the train is often packed with passengers, a train travelling at speeds of up to 90kmh (56mph) is likely to be the safest route to take.

Experts from the Association of British Train Operating Companies (ABTO) say that a train that runs at 70kmh, for example, would have to be operated at about 60kmh to allow the train to make the required speed to get to the destination.

They suggest that a 40kmh train would be a more likely route for a person who had an alcohol problem.

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