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Which of India’s big sports stars can win the 2017 Asian Games?

The world’s largest sporting event is taking place on Sunday, with a huge crowd expected to descend on Hyderabad, India.

As the Asian Games are held in the country of a billion people, it has become a hot topic in the Indian media and many people are speculating that the big names of the sport will be among the big winners.

With the Asian games coming up next year, there are also many possibilities that will come up. 

The top-ranked athletes will be competing in four of the sports in this year’s edition. 

Athletes in the men’s and women’s teams are expected to battle it out for a place in the medals table, while the men will face a challenge in the individual medley event.

The women will also be competing against each other in the javelin, the jaipur, the curling and the wheelchair hockey. 

In the men, the top three finishers will be flown to the country for the AsianGames. 

India has a population of over two billion people and many sports such as football, cricket, softball and ice hockey are popular in the city. 

On Sunday, the sports will be played in front of an estimated crowd of 100,000 spectators. 

(With inputs from PTI)