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When your pet escapes from its cage

The last thing your pet wants is to go on the run.

But sometimes the best way to make sure your pet stays in its cage is to make them go out for a walk.

Recode’s Lisa Maree reports.

Read moreAt a dog trainer in Los Angeles, I have seen some dogs go out to walk in the rain and snow.

And the last thing they want is to be stuck in their cage with the door open.

So I think you can really use the window, the window of opportunity, to give them a break.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy the best-looking window.

In fact, the best window is the one that gives them the best chance of escape, said John Miller, a dog training instructor in Portland, Oregon.

I’ve seen dogs who have gotten into their cage and walked out with a window open, and I would encourage them to take a look at their cage, and see if they have a window, Miller said.

If your pet has an escape problem, Miller recommends giving them the window to make it less likely that they will come back.

But there’s no guarantee your pet won’t come back, either.

If they do, you need to be extra careful.

You may be tempted to take the window down and get rid of the window entirely, Miller explained.

But that doesn´t really help.

It just creates more tension.

So you want to make the window a little bigger.

And I also have to say, if you go out there and make it smaller, you´ll actually be able to control the cage a little more.

You can get your pet to come in there, Miller added.

I also have seen people go out on the porch and have the window open and then have them walk outside with the window shut.

So it’s hard to say what is the best, most effective way to do it.

But I think that window is a good place to go.

Miller said it’s also important to get rid the window.

He also recommends not closing the cage, which may also make your dog uncomfortable.