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When the MLB Spring Training starts, you won’t be able to go to the ballpark!

In a world where a lot of sports are about to get a lot more expensive, we can now all hope that the MLB has a solution to keep the games cheap for fans, too.

A new online store that allows fans to purchase a dog training class online and watch the training videos on demand has just opened up, and MLB.com reports that there are currently over 600 courses offered on the site.

The classes will include everything from obedience to obedience training, to walking to agility, and more.

All the classes come with an optional $15 per month membership to watch the videos on-demand, so if you want to see a different training video every few weeks, you can. 

The $15 monthly membership comes with a number of perks, including access to the online store, live video, and access to a variety of other MLB-related content.

All you need to do to sign up is click on the “Dog Training” tab and follow the instructions.

The course catalog includes more than 100 dog training courses offered through the company’s own training sites, but they are all free to watch on-air. 

This is a big deal for the MLB, because the service is already offering online dog training sessions at the parks.

The company even sells dog training products on the MLB Shop for fans to try for free.

The MLB has been selling dog training gear to fans since 2013, when the league began offering dog training training courses online.

MLB.tv, which currently has more than 200 courses online, offers more than 300 courses for fans.