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When a train breaks down, you can’t fix it with a train ticket

Train tickets are a great way to get around town, but when your ticket is broken, there’s nothing you can do.

A new video shows how to fix a train broken down, and it’s a big step forward for people in developing countries.

More stories from around the worldThis is the story of a journey to make it through the winter and spring.

In this video, which will be uploaded to YouTube and Facebook on Friday, a man named Yassine Abu Saada helps a group of four children ride a train full of passengers, while other children play in the station.

They’re all wearing winter coats, which makes the journey easier.

“I just wanted to give them the opportunity to get out of the station, get a good seat and enjoy the journey,” Abu Saadas said in the video.

Afterward, the group is taken to the platform where the train is still going.

They walk along, and the train stops.

The group is not allowed to sit on the platform.

The driver picks them up and gives them their ticket.

After waiting for a bit, they all walk back to the station and catch another train.

It’s the perfect scenario for the young people who need to catch a train to school or a place of work.

But this is not an ideal scenario for those who need a ticket to get from point A to point B. According to Abu Saadas parents, there are many other problems on the train.

He has the same problem with a broken engine. 

In a phone call with Al Jazeera, Abu Saadeh said the passengers complained about how they didn’t get a ticket.

He said they asked for a replacement ticket, but that the driver wouldn’t accept it.

But the driver said he would accept it and the passengers were allowed to get on with their journey.

Abu Saada’s video has already received more than 2,500 views.

His parents are planning a crowdfunding campaign to help cover the cost of a new engine.

A group of people on the ground, in an effort to help the family, holds a sign that reads “Save Our Train” on the front of a train car in Nairobi, Kenya.

The young people can’t wait for their new engine, so they ask for a new ticket from the train driver.

The man who has been a member of the group for five years, says the first time they tried to buy a ticket, he refused to accept it because he couldn’t give the children the money to pay for the ticket.

The family did not get a refund either.

But they have a different approach this time.

They took the money and took their train home.

With this new engine the family now have a car, a ticket and a little more than a week to get their train back.