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What’s the latest on the NRL’s new ‘sport science’ initiative?

Training wheels are a major part of the NRL team, with the game having been played on them since 2009.

The use of them was brought under scrutiny last year after an alleged NRL player was given a life sentence for running on the track during the 2015 NRL premiership.

The NRL also recently rolled out new track testing equipment for the first time.

The game is set to undergo an all-new system of sport science in 2019.

The move to the new system, dubbed ‘sporting science’, will see the introduction of more tests, such as breath tests, heart rates and heart rate monitoring, among other things.

A series of tests will be run for all players, including the premiership team, before the first game of the 2019 season.

The NSW State Government announced it would also be launching a new sports science team in 2020, which will oversee all NRL players from the moment they enter the field to the moment the ball is kicked.

It will also oversee the use of the new equipment, such a new wrist-band.

Former NSW players will be able to receive an annual $500,000 award to continue to work on the sport science program, and will be compensated by the State Government for their efforts.

The State Government said the grant will be given out to anyone who has completed an NRL training program between the ages of 16 and 24.

The new system of testing will allow the game to focus on developing players to become more successful at their chosen sport.

The NSL will also be running a training program for all NRLers starting in 2019, with each club and player competing in a series of sessions.