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What’s a ‘potty train’? A story train, according to the BBC

A train filled with train passengers who had been treated for diarrhoea and vomiting on a Perth train.

It’s been described as a “potty toilet train” by Perth commuters who took to social media after seeing it.

The train has been described by commuters as “a story train” on social media, and people have started calling it “potting toilets”.

“It’s an absolute disgrace and this is an example of the appalling lack of training of the people at the train station and the fact that they have been given no training to deal with this in the first place,” a Perth commuter, who wished to remain anonymous, told the ABC.

“It looks like the train company is trying to make money off of people being ill on the train.”

The train was supposed to leave Perth at 3.30am, but was delayed after a passenger complained about not being able to sit down.

“I have been ill on a train before and this time I am not feeling well,” the woman said.

She and her husband are on a budget, so she had asked for a free meal to get them through the day.

The couple, who have a baby boy, are planning to use the free meal as a way to ease the burden.

“We want to get some rest, a little bit of exercise and be able to relax,” she said.

“I’m tired, I’m sick, I just don’t feel good and we are looking for something else.”

Ms Macleod said the couple had been travelling for four days.

There have been complaints of staff not training people on the proper use of toilet facilities.

Ms Macreod said she was encouraged by the positive response she received from social media.

“The response has been incredible, the majority of people on social have responded positively,” she told the PerthNow.

Social media is the main way in which people share stories about what has happened to them.

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