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What you need to know about dog training on trains

Trainers say that dogs can learn to recognize the train song from a dog’s surroundings, even if they have no idea what that song is.

The trainer said the music has a calming effect, especially in dogs that can’t hear other people.

But there are downsides to the sound.

One trainer said that the sound can make a dog feel uneasy or intimidated, and that it’s a bad idea to use it on your dog when it’s not appropriate for that dog’s age.

Another trainer said she found that some dogs were more inclined to get up on the train tracks and sniff the train wheels, especially if the train is accompanied by a loud dog barking.

If you are looking for a new dog, try a trained companion that is more experienced than your dog.

Some dog training courses teach you how to use the sound to teach your dog to behave in a safe manner.

For example, you might teach your puppy how to lie down and play on a toy, or teach your little dog how to sit up and move around on a leash.

However, a dog can learn other things from your training.

You could give your dog a treat, give him a treat when he is hungry, or give him some exercise to help him learn to walk on your property.

The key is to be patient, said Kelly Stapleton, a veterinary behaviorist in Santa Barbara, California.

The sounds of a train can be very soothing and calming, but dogs can also become anxious, stressed, or irritable when they’re not being listened to, Stapler said.

In that case, the train sounds should be turned off and your dog should get plenty of exercise.

The only time your dog can hear the train sound is when it is accompanied with a loud barking dog, said Stapley.

She also suggested that you don’t allow your dog on the tracks until you have had a chance to train him properly.

The best training methods for dogs, however, don’t involve loud sounds.

They can be effective, if the training takes place indoors, but they can be challenging for a dog that’s not accustomed to the sounds.

Dogs who have experienced a variety of environments and dogs who have never heard a train song should also consider having a friend or trainer sit next to their dog to learn to read the song.