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What is the Christmas train set and why is it so expensive?

Posted December 12, 2017 09:51:33The Christmas train sets were originally built for the American theme park based in Chicago.

The first of the train sets was put into operation in 1971 and lasted until 1993.

The theme park also released a Christmas car, which featured a replica of the original model.

The cars were sold by the theme park and became collector items.

However, they are now expensive to produce.

A new Christmas train was built for Disneyland in 2014, and it is currently on display in a car that was once used as a train.

The train was first announced in the late 1990s, and now it has a limited run of 500 units.

The new model is the most expensive of the five trains currently in the collection.

The set comes in two colors, a dark blue and a light blue.

Both the model and the car feature LED lights.

A new light show also appears in the car, featuring animatronic figures.

The train is scheduled to open to the public on Dec. 26.

It is not currently available for pre-order, but a sale is planned.