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The Navy SEAL training video is the best yet, Navy SEAL trainer says

Navy SEALs have been training to be an elite SEAL since 1984, but they’ve never been the best.

In a training video that was released by the Navy last week, Navy Seal trainer Mark Ritts explains how to use a firearm, learn how to fight off a pack of wolves, and how to take down a pack on the battlefield.

The video features a range of SEALs including former SEAL Daniel Carter, a two-time Navy SEAL, as well as former SEALs from the SEAL Teams Five and Six.

The first part of the video, which takes place during the Battle of Mogadishu, shows a group of soldiers preparing for the battle, while another group of them are preparing to fight in the next battle.

The second part of Ritt’s training video shows the same soldiers, but in a different location, and he shows them how to move around and how they can fight off enemies.

Ritt’s video is an interesting insight into the SEALs training, as it highlights how they learn how not to be overwhelmed and to use their skills as they fight, Ritt said in a statement.

“You don’t have to be a great marksman, but you do have to know how to not only be a good marksman but to be able to operate in an environment that’s not dangerous,” he said.

The Navy also released the first two SEAL training videos in 2014 and 2016, and they both focused on basic skills, including gun use and tactics.

The videos were criticized for focusing more on tactics than fundamentals, and for not being as engaging as they could have been.

The Navy’s training videos have also been criticized for not focusing on the lessons of past deployments, and instead focusing on what happened during the first year of the war, such as the deaths of some of its members.

Ritz, the author of the Navy SEAL Training Video series, says he wants to focus on the future, and that the SEAL’s training will continue to improve.

“The video series is about building skills,” he told ABC News.

“But I also think that the video series has to take into account that this is not just a war story.

It’s not just about a few SEALs being killed in Afghanistan.

It is about a whole battalion of SEAL’s being killed.

So you have to make sure that you’re building those skills, that you are teaching those skills to those soldiers that you have on the ground.”