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The first 360 training is on the way for the next generation of VR players

The first major platform to embrace the Oculus Rift and its new capabilities, and the first to let users try out a VR training program in an open, non-competitive environment.

But it’s a far cry from the open, competitive training that made its way into the hands of the likes of Google’s Cardboard VR platform.

For the first time, the world’s top VR training experts are coming together to put the Rift to the test.

As the first 360-degree training platform to officially debut on the Oculus Store, the platform is being touted as the next frontier for VR training.

But the future of 360 training isn’t necessarily a new idea.

There’s already a growing list of 360-trained athletes and trainers in the world, including former UFC fighters like Urijah Faber and Tim Kennedy.

And that’s just the start.

The platform has the potential to take training to the next level, with the ability to train players in the same way that traditional video games do, with immersive virtual environments.

But it’s also a way for those players to make the most of the new capabilities of the Rift.

As VR becomes more and more commonplace, the possibilities are endless.

The Oculus Store will allow you to buy a headset that you can test out before buying, while also allowing you to try out different training options that you may have missed.