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Rail company trains students with potty training

Rail companies train young people with pot-ty training as part of a program to train for jobs, according to documents released Thursday.

The training, called Train for the Future, is aimed at the young and those who have difficulty with the task of using the toilet in public spaces, according the documents released by the Canadian Railway Workers’ Union.

The company, which operates rail lines in Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, trains workers for various jobs, including cleaning bathrooms, changing trash cans and working as a cashier.

The trainees, who will receive their training on a “need-to-know basis,” are expected to complete the program within three years and be able to work on public transit or other public-sector jobs.

“Train for the future is an opportunity to train people who may otherwise be on the sidelines of the workplace and are not well prepared to participate in the modern economy,” said Trains Canada president Paul Gautier.

“This program will give people who are ready to take on the new job and be ready for the opportunities that lie ahead an opportunity for success.”

The trainee trainees will receive three-to five-hour training on the topics of toilets and privacy, said the union’s executive director, Tom McIlveen.

Trainees will also learn about their health and safety, McIlvrie said.

Train for The Future is designed to give trainees the tools to succeed in the workplace.

It is designed for those who are able to do things like clean toilets and make the transition to using a public toilet, he said.

“We are also looking at the potential for training to train in other aspects of the workforce that may be different than the toilet training, like helping with the purchase of a home,” he said, referring to buying a home, getting a job or finding a job after leaving school.

Trainers will be trained on the toilet, toilet safety and hygiene and the importance of being respectful of other passengers, McILveen said.

Trainees also learn how to use a restroom safely, such as using a seat belt, avoiding touching the flushing system, cleaning the seat and using the bathroom properly.

Trains Canada is also testing trainees to be involved in public transport.

Trainee training will take place in the Toronto area.

Trainee trainee training is part of the company’s efforts to expand train service to new markets, including Ontario and Alberta.