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Navy SEAL training to Busan

A Navy SEAL trainee from South Carolina was recently awarded the Purple Heart after surviving a shooting in Thailand.

The Navy said Tuesday that the Navy SEAL had been honorably discharged from the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command.

The service said he was in a critical condition and was expected to survive.

The SEAL was wounded during an ambush by the Royal Thai Army in the capital city of Bangkok in February 2016.

The Navy SEAL was injured during an attack on his convoy and the mission was unsuccessful, according to a Navy statement.

His family, the Navy said, were grateful for the Navy’s support and prayers during this difficult time.

A Navy SEAL is pictured at the Navy Yard in Washington, Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

“His life was forever changed and his recovery was swift,” Navy Rear Adm.

Mark Esper, a spokesman for the Naval Special Operations Command, said in a statement.

“The Navy is deeply grateful for all the efforts made by his unit and his family.”

After the shooting, the SEAL was sent home, but he was later honored with a Purple Heart medal, the service said.

Navy SEALs have been fighting wars around the world since World War II, but the service is not known to have awarded medals to their members in the past.

Last month, a Navy SEAL, Daniel Lopez, was honored with the Purple Hearts for his actions during an operation in Yemen.