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Monster Train Game Revealed in Train Game Show!

Train Game, Monster Train, Forklift Training, The Battle of Los Angeles, The Wizard of Oz… and many other amazing train games have appeared on the Train Game Podcast over the years, including The Wizard, The Train, Train Fever, The Great Train Robbery, and many others.

Train Game is currently back with the third installment of its Monster Train series, Monster Training.

The game will feature the following games, with more to be announced.

If you’re new to Train Game podcasting, you can check out our introductory article to get your foot in the door.

Monster Train game show The third and final installment of the Monster Train Podcast is Monster Train!

It will feature games that are all set to be released for free to download and play.

We will be announcing the full games soon.

If that isn’t enough for you, check out all the content you can expect to hear in this episode: New game content including The Adventurer’s Challenge, The King of Monsters, The Journeyman Train, The Secret of the Haunted Train, and more!