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Mexico’s rail network in a day

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s national rail system is in a “critical” condition, with at least 14 fatalities reported in a string of derailments, state-run news agency EFE reported Saturday.

The rail system, which is part of the countrys infrastructure network, was in the worst condition in decades, the agency said, citing a government-appointed board of directors meeting.

It said the trains are not operating in a safe condition.

Railway companies say the problem is caused by a lack of training and a lack a long-term plan for upgrading the system.

The worst derailment happened on Sunday morning in Ciudad Juarez, where two trains collided with each other, according to state-owned broadcaster, Televisa.

The two derailed trains were carrying passengers and passengers on board were evacuated.

More than 20 people were killed in another derailment on Saturday in Tlaxcala, in a town north of Mexico City.

Televisa said two of the two trains had a problem with one of the locomotives, which caused a chain reaction and the cars’ windows were blown out.

Television stations in Mexico City and Guanajuato reported that at least six people had died.