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Mexican train dominos revealed in state report

A train in Mexico has been revealed to have been part of a massive, six-story domino scheme, according to a state report.

Mexico’s Health and Safety Ministry says it has released the report, which shows the train had a total of 665 domino-like pieces, all of which were set on fire.

According to the report released Tuesday, the train was set on an “extensive” fire in April 2016 in the state of Chihuahua.

The train was operated by the state-owned rail company Nacional de Trabajadores de México (NTMX) for about two years, before it was bought by another company in 2017.

The train was then sold to a private operator, and its operator was later arrested.

The new report, titled “Los diciembre desgues” (“Los Diciembers desgutes”), says the train set on the fire was an “illegal” one, as well as being part of an ongoing, massive train set up by a drug cartel.

The investigation by the Mexican government found the train to have a total cost of $2.8 million.