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Medical assistant training to be re-designed to suit the needs of transgender students

A new medical assistant training program will be developed to accommodate the transgender community, according to an announcement by the Department of Health.

Key points:The training will be in partnership with the Transgender Health NetworkThe training is expected to be in the early stagesThe aim is to provide transgender medical assistants with more support and access to training resourcesThe training was first introduced in NSW in 2015The Department of Human Services has also launched a training resource, the Medical Assistant Training Centre, that will be based in the city.

It will offer a range of training options, including:There are also a number of existing training facilities that already offer training to transgender people and will also offer a further range of options in the future.

“There are a number areas in the state where transgender students and other students with transgender needs are already providing excellent training and services,” Acting Health Minister Sarah Roberts said.

“As part of this, we’re looking at ways to expand our existing training resources to include all students in the medical profession.”

Transgender students are currently excluded from the National Education Standards and the Gender Recognition Act, and have to undergo an individual assessment and a gender identity assessment.

The new training centre will be run by the Transgender Healthcare Network, which is working with the Department and the NSW Government to develop a training plan.

“We’re looking to be able to provide the medical assistants and other medical staff who work with transgender students a safe, secure and inclusive training environment that they can access to,” Ms Roberts said, adding that the training would be in collaboration with the transgender health network.

“This will include access to a range, including in-person and online training.”

All of these training resources will be designed and tailored to meet the needs and needs of the transgender population in NSW.

“Ms Roberts said that while the Department had no plans to change the gender identity requirement for medical assistants, it would consider making the requirement more flexible.”

Transgender people in NSW have been given the opportunity to self-identify as male or female for over 25 years and the Department has made a commitment to make sure that all students who are accepted into our training are able to do so,” she said.

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