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Japan’s train train store to open in Tokyo

Train station in Tokyo will soon be able to offer a sushi train train station, with the latest train operator to join in the line of Japanese trains already offering a sushi dining experience.

Sushi train station in the western suburb of Namba is already the destination of choice for sushi restaurants, as sushi restaurants are one of the most popular dining options in Japan, with over two million restaurants and restaurants in Japan being licensed as sushi train stations, according to the train operator.

The sushi train station is the first sushi train restaurant to open outside Japan.

The station is already one of Tokyo’s top tourist attractions and is popular for sushi train tours, with an estimated 500,000 visitors each day, according the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The sushi train line is being developed in partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, with sushi train company Takamatsu Co. as the first partner in the sushi train project.

Takamatsu has been developing a sushi line in Japan since the 1980s and has partnered with Mitsubsuki to build a sushi restaurant in Tokyo’s Ginza area, where sushi restaurants and other Japanese eateries have been opening for decades.

Takamatsushi is now planning to open a sushi station in Namba, Tokyo.

The Japanese train operator announced its plans to open the sushi restaurant and sushi train at Namba Station in a post on its official Twitter account.

Mitsubishi has been a major Japanese train provider since the 1950s and is now the third-largest train operator in Japan after Hitachi and Daiki.