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‘J-Train’ train tracker is better than ‘JCT’

Train tracker software that lets you track your rides on a ride-sharing service such as Uber, Lyft or Sidecar is proving to be a boon for ride-hailing companies.

JCT is a new ride-tracking app that is designed to help riders with ride-hopping as it can be used to identify drivers and passengers with similar vehicles.

But the new J-Train software, created by the ride-share company Uber and developed by the company’s researchers, is also making it easier to track people.

The software uses data from the sensors inside vehicles and compares them with the data provided by the cars’ GPS.

This gives the system a way to track an individual vehicle and determine if the vehicle is a real driver or a passenger.

The new software is being developed by researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and UC Berkeley.

The researchers say they have successfully tested the software with the first J-train drivers and the first passengers.

The first test with drivers came in April and the company says the software is now being used on over 600 vehicles and passengers.

One of the researchers, Adam Schilling, told The Sport Blog that he and his colleagues are still working out how the software works, but that the company is hoping that drivers will start using the software soon.

Uber is not the only company trying to track rides.

Another ride-service company, Lyft, has developed its own software called Tidal that allows it to track cars with its cameras.

The two companies share the same engineers, and the software was released in March.

The JCT software was developed by Uber and built by researchers at the University in Urbancz.

Uber also uses the software to track its drivers.

“The JCT platform enables drivers to better understand the type of ride they’re creating, and more easily compare the types of cars on their trips,” Uber said in a statement.

Lyft has not responded to a request for comment.

The ride-sharing software has been available since late last year for free on Google Play.