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HVAC Training Now Comes To Google Now

Recode host Kara Swisher joins Recode to discuss the new HVAAV training app and what the future holds for the service.

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Google Now Now now supports voice commands.

The app now supports Google Now voice commands and you can tell Google Now to perform actions like opening a link in a new tab, setting alarms, or launching a Google Now-enabled device.2.

Google’s voice search features have changed.

Google now also has an option to search for a word in Google Now and to add a search to your search results.

This is similar to Apple Siri, but Google Now can also tell you what you need to know based on what you are searching for.3.

Google says it will be adding more integrations.

It also says that its voice search integration will be expanding in the coming months.4.

Google will soon be able to provide voice commands in the app.5.

Google and Microsoft have signed a contract to make HVAAAV’s voice commands available to all of Google Now’s users.