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How to train your dog for the Christmas train

There are a number of options to train a dog to go on a Christmas train, but what to do when your dog has already been trained for other activities? 

One option is to take the dog out of its crate and walk them around on the track. 

If your dog is not very picky about when she wants to go out and explore, you may be able to get her out of her crate and train her to walk on the tracks when it’s time for her to get on the train. 

This option works well for puppies and dogs that don’t seem to be picky, but can be hard for older dogs that have been trained to stay indoors and are more likely to pick up a treat. 

Some dogs like to explore and run around on a track as they wait for their reward, which can be a bit of a challenge for older and slower dogs. 

One way to get your dog excited about being on the Christmas Train is to try putting them on a leash. 

When your dog gets excited about the new toy and then gets on the platform and you take her out, you can have her ride a leash up and down the train track and walk along it. 

She may be reluctant to go down, but the train is pretty loud so she won’t mind. 

Another option is simply to let her walk with you on the rails. 

While the train has the same length and the same number of steps as the other tracks, the rail is not as wide as a walk on a regular track.

It’s easier for a dog that is more naturally inclined to walk along the rail, but it takes longer to train and will probably be harder for older or slower dogs who don’t have the same natural inclinations. 

The first step is to get the dog on the rail with a small piece of string tied to a leash, so it doesn’t get stuck or tugged. 

Place the leash on the top of the rail. 

Tie the string to the top end of the leash, with one end on the floor, and the other end on top of a bench. 

You can also tie the leash to the train’s wheels. 

With the leash around your dog, make sure the train isn’t too far away and the train doesn’t move too much. 

Walking your dog on a train is a fun and exciting activity for both you and your dog. 

But you may want to be aware that the dog might be upset when she is on the trains, and that you should be more careful with how you teach your dog when she has already had a training experience. 

So if you have a dog who isn’t picky and has been trained well, it may be best to train her off the train as soon as possible, rather than training her in the middle of the day.