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How to plan Christmas train journeys for 2019

Train service has been suspended in the south-east of England after a train crash.

The South East England Railway (SEER) tweeted that all services had been suspended, and said the rail network was in “excellent condition”.

The accident happened at about 11:15am on Saturday at Southport, near Liverpool, when the South Downs Express collided with a train travelling from Birmingham to Newcastle.

A spokeswoman for SEER said the train was travelling at “a very high speed” when it collided with the train at South Ports, in the South East of England, and that “all of the passengers were killed in the collision”.

The train was carrying the South Ports Limited company, which runs trains between Birmingham and Liverpool, and the driver of the train, who was a train operator.SEER said that all train services were suspended, but passengers should still be able to travel on the trains and the South Lakes Express, between Liverpool and Newcastle.

The company added: “The South Downs train has been fully recovered from the scene, with the passengers and their luggage safely recovered and being transferred to the train station in Liverpool.”

A passenger tweeted that the South Hills Express train had “a few bumps” and said she thought there were “a couple of people” on the train.

It is believed the South Coast Express, which is operated by the South Wales First Division, is at fault for the accident.

The railway is due to resume service on Monday.