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How to get your train to New York train times

Train times for New York City subway lines have been updated on Tuesday with the new arrival of the T3 train.

The T3 will begin service on Friday, July 10.

The new trains, the newest generation of the line, are expected to arrive on the T2, T3 and T4 lines, according to a source.

The train timetable is as follows:T2: 10:25AM – 11:25PMT3: 10am – 11amT4: 10.25am – 10.55amThe timetable for the T4 has also been updated, with a scheduled arrival at 12:50PM.

The trains are expected at the end of the day.

The schedule for the new T3 trains has also changed, with an expected arrival at 10:30AM and departure at 12.15PM.

The T3 has been running in the middle of the night on many nights since January 2018, and will be switching to the new model at 10pm on the first week of August.

The new T4 trains will be on the other end of Manhattan at 12am on the morning of August 6.