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How to avoid getting injured in a Mazzone training

In the Mazzones preseason training session at Camp Nou, the focus was on the defensive side of the game.

The aim was to make sure that every team is prepared for the next game.

With that in mind, I spoke with several of the players who were training today and they all told me that Mazzoni wants to see all his players in action.

That’s why we have an exhibition match between the team and the opponent next Tuesday at 7pm (local time) at Campo Nacional.

Mazzonas players were asked to work out in the heat, but they had to take off their clothes to get the ball in the opponent’s half.

I’m not a fan of this kind of activity in the preseason, but I know that it will be part of the preparations for the second leg.

The team is also going to take on Real Madrid on Wednesday (October 4).

There are three days of training ahead of the match against Real Madrid, which is the first leg of the Copa Libertadores tie at Campaña.

Here’s how we will prepare for the game against Real on Tuesday.