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How to avoid getting fired for a potty-training accident

A trainer in Toronto was fired for training a dog and a fitter for the gym, after he accidentally released the two animals, leaving one in a pot.

A court hearing is set for Thursday in Hamilton, Ont., where the owner of the fitter and the dog have pleaded not guilty to charges that could land them in jail for up to five years.

Rafael Lopes-Bartram, 49, was accused of letting the dog out of a training session at a gym in Toronto’s west end, and then releasing it into the street.

It’s unclear whether the dog had been neutered.

The dog, named M.P. by police, was in a cage, and had not been neutrated.

Police have since identified the dog as a female labrador mix.

Lopes-Parras said in an interview that he had been training a pet for a year and that the two dogs were friends.

“It’s like I’m doing a little bit of a favour for him, he’s like, ‘Mom, I’m fine, I’ve had no trouble, I just need to get some exercise,'” he said.

His daughter told CBC News that her father had previously told her that he was training the dogs for a fitness competition.

But the trainer was fired from his job last week, after an investigation.

At the hearing, the trainer’s lawyer, Robert Brouwer, said that the dog was only released when the owner left the cage.

Pete LeClair, the owner’s lawyer and the trainer, did not immediately return CBC News’ requests for comment.

As for the charges, Lopes said that he’s been “shocked, shocked and disappointed.”

“It is an absolute violation of my rights, the right to a life, to be a human being,” he said in the interview.

And if I’m going to get the charges dropped, it’s because I have nothing to hide.”