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How a $500 bike trainer helped a family save $500

A family in rural New South Wales, Australia, is living off a $5,000 bike trainer after it helped them save money.

Ricky and Lisa Suggs were forced to take a break from their jobs and take care of their three young children after their home in the town of New Stony Creek was flooded.

The couple’s youngest son was born with cerebral palsy, and Ricky, who works in manufacturing, was working from home with no income.

Lisa was a primary school teacher, but the Suggses were still struggling to make ends meet.

They were told by the Australian Taxation Office that they were ineligible for the $500 training they had been given for the child’s special needs.

“When you go through this sort of ordeal, you feel that you are going to fall into debt,” Ricky Suggis said.

“We just wanted to have a bit of a break, but it was a bit scary.”

It was around the time they were about to go into debt, the Suddises were hit with a nasty shock.

They had been in a similar situation before and had spent more than $200,000 on equipment, including a full bike trainer and a portable radio system.

“It was just very scary,” Lisa said.

“You don’t know what is going to happen and it was just a bit sad and we just wanted some time to think about it.”

Lisa and Ricky went on to set up a crowdfunding site and raised more than their original goal.

Now they are set to make a second $500 donation to the Soggs, who are also disabled.

“I just couldn’t stop crying and it kind of took the edge off of everything and we were able to take it in a different direction,” Lisa Suddis said of the crowdfunding campaign.

“You just have to get over it and get on with it.”

The Suggishes now own a complete indoor cycling bike trainer for their children, and have been using it to help them live a better life.

“If we could have had this kind of equipment before, we would have probably been homeless or unemployed and that would have been really bad,” Lisa added.