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Hiit training to start in 2017

More articles Share this article Share Australia’s national army has said it will begin a new training program to equip soldiers with the ability to use a smartphone to train and prepare for the next major threat to the nation: climate change.

“Australia’s armed forces are a rapidly evolving and evolving force that will be evolving rapidly in the next few years and that requires the use of technology to make those decisions,” Defence Minister Michael Keenan said in a statement on Thursday.

The Defence Force is also looking to use technology to enhance the training of its troops to cope with the changing environment and that includes the threat posed by cyber-attacks.

In 2016, the Australian military deployed an electronic-battle control system to a military base in Western Australia, which used the device to monitor and control its forces.

That deployment, known as the ACDS, is part of the Defence Force’s “Digital Transformation” plan.

“The digital transformation is about making sure that when there is an issue with the technology we have a robust and effective response,” Defence Force spokesman Col Paul Taylor said.

“We’re also looking at the possibility of bringing it to other locations, like other militaries, to help with their operations in the future.”

The Department of Defence has said the program will begin in the first quarter of 2017, and is being designed to improve the effectiveness of the Armed Forces’ ability to respond to emergencies, including cyber-threats.

In March, the department also announced a new digital training program would begin in March 2017 to allow soldiers to use smartphones to train.

“Digital training will enhance our ability to protect our national assets, including our troops, our military personnel, and our communities,” the department said.

It said the plan would focus on the training needs of troops from both the civilian and military sectors, and include the use a range of tools.

“These tools will be designed to help ensure the digital environment is better managed and secure while providing opportunities for training and other development,” it said.

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