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Antonio Brown: ‘I’ll never go to the Olympics’

Antonios Brown has admitted that he is not prepared to give up on his Olympic dream.

Brown, who will make his debut in Rio in August, said he will not make the Olympic team because he is so determined to make it happen.

“I’m just not going to put my mind into it.

I’m really not,” he said.”

It’s just not for me, it’s not something that I’m into.”

That’s my motivation for every day of my life.

It’s my passion.

“The Olympics are my passion and my goal.

It just doesn’t come easy.”

There’s no pressure on me, there’s no stress in the house, there is no pressure.

It is the dream.

That’s why I’m doing this.

“This is a dream and I will always have the desire to go to Rio and compete in the Olympics.”

Brown, 26, has been tipped as a candidate for a future World Cup squad.

The Sydney Roosters winger is a lock to start for Australia in Brazil and the NRL club is keen to secure his services.

Brown said he had spoken to his father and the Australian Rugby Union about his international future, but did not want to leave the door open.

“My father is like, ‘why do you want to go overseas?’ and I’m like, alright, I’m not going,” Brown said.

“I don’t think about that and I really don’t want to be left out of it.”

He just wants to know that I want to get back out there and compete and he wants to see me doing it.

I want to show the world that I can do this.

“”But I know that the best way is to stay out there as a player.

If I get back into the NRL, I can continue to do what I’m good at and hopefully go to a World Cup and hopefully win it.

“Brown’s father, Steve, is a long-time NRL player and Brown has been a consistent performer in the competition.”

A lot of times you get overlooked when you’re young and you just want to prove something to your parents that you’re worthy of it,” Brown told NRL.com.

I think a lot of people will be disappointed with me, but I’m a competitor and I believe in myself.

They see me out there doing the things that I do and they’ll be impressed with what I do.

When you see me performing on the field it just makes you want it more.

The NRL is a great place to be and I want everyone to know what a great player I am.”

The Knights will have to wait until the end of the season to find out if Brown can secure his spot in the squad.

Brown has played four NRL games this season and was named in the NRL All-Australian team.

He has also played in seven games for the Australian squad this year.

He said he would not be taking up any offers.

“No, I don’t plan on it,” he told NRL 360.

It’s really hard.

I’ve just got to do it and keep pushing and keep believing in myself and believe that I’ll make it.